Ms. Jasmina Simić Peccolo joins Čipčić-Bragadin Mesić and Associates as Business Development Director

Ms. Jasmina Simić Peccolo joins Čipčić-Bragadin Mesić and Associates as Business Development Director

Ms Simić Peccolo will co-lead the business development side of the business and support legal teams in providing services to the clients.

Čipčić-Bragadin Mesić and Associates expand capabilities by offering EU Funds and Projects services.

We are pleased to announce that MSc Jasmina Simić Peccolo is joining Čipčić‑Bragadin Mesić and Associates as Business Development Director from 1 December 2018.

Ms Jasmina Simić Peccolo earned her Bachelor’s degree in marketing (Faculty of Economics & Business, University of Zagreb) and later a Master of Science degree in Accounting, Audit and Finance. She is a top level executive with an extensive experience, having worked previously for some leading international companies such as Alston Power, USAID and Vipnet (A1). During her career, she has worked in different business sectors (primarily in the Energy and TMT sectors) on different positions, the mixture of which has been essential in developing her marketing, auditing, controlling, accountancy, business intelligence, entrepreneurial and management skills. For the last couple of years MSc Simić Peccolo was running a consultancy firm specialised in management consulting, EU Funds and Projects.

At Čipčić-Bragadin Mesić and Associates, Ms Simić Peccolo will co-lead the business development side of the firm but will also add additional value as she will support the firm’s legal teams on a daily basis while providing services to the clients. Being a proven management consultant and an EU Funds and Projects specialist, Ms Simić Peccolo will also be in charge of developing and providing EU Funds and Projects services to the firm’s SME clients.

Ms Jasmina Simić Peccolo commented: “I’m glad to have an opportunity to join a vibrant team of Čipčić-Bragadin Mesić and Associates, one of the leading law firms in Croatia. Last couple of years I’ve spent consulting many businesses, primarily in the SME sector, but I’ve never worked within the legal industry before and I’m really enthusiastic about this challenge. During discussions regarding my potential engagement I was particularly impressed with the clear vision and strategy about how the firm wants to develop within the next decade. This is rarely seen, especially in consultancy businesses, which law firms effectively are. I really hope that I can be a valuable asset within the firm and to be able to help them reach their ambitious goals of becoming the largest and most successful law firm in Croatia.

Silvije Čipčić‑Bragadin, the director of Čipčić‑Bragadin Mesić and Associates, commented: “We are all very excited and grateful to have someone like Jasmina, who is a C-level executive, agree to join our firm and to support our ambitious growth plans. As a non-lawyer executive, she will surely have different views and approaches to many aspects of our business and how we provide our services to our clients. The differences in opinions are important. I believe that having an experienced expert like Jasmina can only be beneficial to our business and our clients in many ways. This is especially the case considering her experience in working across industries that are also our main sectors of interest, such as the Energy and the TMT sector. We have a clear long term strategy to bring on board senior non-lawyer executives that can bring value to our clients and hence contribute to the overall growth of our business. Having Jasmina on board is in line with that strategy. Further, by engaging Jasmina we’ve been given an additional capability which we didn’t have before. Now we can offer our clients support and expertise in EU Funds and Projects matters. This service will primarily target our existing clients which are SME’s, but eventually it should be offered as a standalone service.“

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