Power, renewables, oil & gas

Oil, gas, power and renewable energy is an important practice of our business. We work closely with some of the leading advisers in this exciting industry sector. Our natural resources team is made up of acknowledged legal experts offering depth of resource, local expertise and commitment to the market. Together with our partners we have built long-standing relationships with a diverse range of clients throughout the supply chain – from exploration and production companies, owners, operators, services companies, distribution companies and transporters to local government, traders, banks, investors and financiers, funds and alternative capital providers.

We advise sellers and acquirers (on M&A transactions), project sponsors, corporates, financial/passive investors, suppliers, manufacturers, government and debt funders (including banks and bond arrangers) on energy transactions. These transactions are supported by specialists in areas such as environmental, regulatory, antitrust, tax, employment and planning law.

Thanks to our international partners  we can also advise on all contractual aspects of the oil & gas industry including on

  • production sharing contracts (PSCs),
  • concessions,
  • joint venture agreements (JVAs),
  • joint operating agreements (JOAs),
  •  asset sale and purchase,
  • financings,
  • farm-ins and farm-outs,
  •  unitisations
  • drilling and development contracts
  • etc

Renewables is particularly of our focus where we advise on:

  • Wind
  • Solar
  • Biomass
  • Hydro power
  • Energy from waste


  • Advising a leading oil and gas company in respect of Bitcoin mining and reductions of emissions possibility;
  • Advising Nafta a.s. and Nafta Exploration d.o.o. in relation to various aspects of the oil and gas exploration and production project including but not limited to – requirements for drilling  a wells, agreements with Croatian forests, land usage permits, environment issues, farm-in agreement, joint operation agreement etc.;
  • Advising Naftna Industrija Srbije (NIS) in relation litigation with Glencore concerning a delivery of contaminated oil;
  • Advising Valgo SA in relation to sanitation of “Sovjak pit” remediation public procurement project valued at 69 Mln EUR;
  • Advising a leading German developer of wind farms on various commercial, corporate, regulatory, property and environment issues relating to a greenfield wind farm project development in Croatia;
  • Advising a German developer and investor on a broad scope of energy regulation and various project specific regulatory issues relating to a development of photovoltaic (solar) power plant and wind farm in Croatia;
  • Advising  a German-Slovenian group of developers on various construction issues relating to the construction of wind farm project  in Croatia;
  • Advising a renowned international investment bank in relation to the acquisition of an equity stake in a wind farm developer in Croatia;
  • Advising a leading international oil and gas trading company on various issues relating to an LNG project in Croatia and their involvement;
  • Advising an international oil and gas company in relation to a tender for the exploration of oil and gas in Croatia, offshore and onshore;
  • Advising a UK investment fund in relation to the acquisition of several  biomass power plants in Croatia;
  • Advising an international developer on the financing issues of 2 biomass power plants;
  • Advising a Croatian gas trading company on various commercial and regulatory issues;
  • Advising a Croatian environment protection and planning specialist company on number of environmental and regulatory project specific issues;
  • Advising a Croatian manufacturing company on waste water issues arising out of production process
  • Advising an international investor in relation to the acquisition of a significant equity stake in a leading waste collection and processing company in Croatia