Technology, Media & Telecommunications

We are a one-stop solution for the leading technology, information, telecommunication and media companies doing business in Croatia.

Technology sector is constantly changing our lives. Today, this sector is more lively than ever. We are witnessing visible changes in our everyday life and businesses experience visible transformative changes in their operations too.

Technology, media & telecommunications practice is one of our most active practices and it is also one of our focus sectors. Thanks to our deep insight in the information and technology markets we regularly advise some of the biggest and most innovative companies in the World, helping them implement their business strategies, products and solutions.

We offer a complete range of legal services tailored to the technology, media and telecommunication industry and we are active participant in various industry sector associations such as Association for Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies ( and Croatian Artificial Intelligence Association ( etc.

Our TMT team regularly work alongside the leading international legal advisers that have been at the forefront of legal developments in the sector for many decades. Together, we have an unrivaled expertise in advising on matters ranging from smaller innovative projects to some of the largest, most complex and ground-breaking transactions and disputes of the recent years.

Our experience includes advising our clients in some of the key issues and developments that are shaping the technology and communications marketplace today, such as the blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies, cryptoassets, AI, big data, cloud services, cyber and IT security, streaming services, the Internet of Things, smart metering, mobile payments, 3D printing etc.

Our clients in media sector operate across the spectrum of media operations from advertising and content production (including publishing, TV and filmed entertainment, games, music and other audio-visual products) to network distribution (including TV and radio broadcasting, online, fixed and wireless communications) and technology. This means we provide relevant industry-focused advice, delivered quickly to ensure that we add value from day one. So, irrespective of the location, the size, or the complexity of the matter, you can be confident that we have the right team in the right place.

We offer a complete range of services for media companies with particular emphasis on

  • Digital publishing
  • Broadcasting
  • Content licensing and distribution
  • Social media
  • Regulatory
  • Online, mobile and video games
  • Music and entertainment
  • Gambling
  • Advertising, marketing and communications
  • Broadcast technology and infrastructure.

Whether your company just need to tune-up your EULA’s a bit or need and advice related to IP acquisition and related issues our TMT team can be of an avail.


  • Advising, one of the leading cryptocurrency exchange app in relation to all regulatory aspects relevant to the provision of crypto services and  their business offering in Croatia;
  • Advising Ziglu, one of the leading crypto broker and payments platform in relation to regulatory aspects of crypto services;
  • Advising a potential client in relation to art tokenization project in Croatia, including in relation to all regulatory issues relevant to the business model of art tokenization;
  • Advising Association for Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies in relation to regulatory impact of Markets in Crypto-Assets Regulation (MiCA) regulation;
  • Advising a corporate client in relation to crypto custody and self-custody issues;
  • Advising a corporate client in relation to acceptance of cryptocurrencies as a means of payment;
  • Advising the world’s leading Cambridge based software company in relation to the IP acquisition agreements, and multimillion investment in a Croatian technology company;
  • Advising a leading international technology company in relation to regulatory aspect and localization of agreements relevant to OTT (over-the-top) services offerings in Croatia;
  • Advising a Serbian telecom operator in relation to competition issues arising out of the takeover process;
  • Advising managers of telecom operator on the MBO process;
  • Advising the world’s renowned network operator on various commercial contracts, service level agreements, IPTV agreements, and technology transfer contracts with a local telecom operator
  • Advising the leading media and communication company on various IP rights and contracts, licensing agreements and transmission agreements;
  • Advising an operator of Europe’s largest cloud services platform in relation to the various communication infrastructure issues and contracts;
  • Advising an international multimedia content company, on various broadcasting issues, licensing agreements and media law and contracts;
  • Advising a Chinese multinational technology company, one of the largest hardware producer, in relation to various commercial issues, warranty issues, service and marketing issues
  • Advising the Netherlands based digital mapping company on various digital content and mapping issues;
  • Advising one of the leading international technology hospitality services provider on various product and infrastructure agreements and implementation;
  • Advising the leading web services provider on various commercial issues relation to an implementation of their service to the Croatian customers.
  • Advising investors in an internet advertising company in relation to various aspects of takeover law, corporate law, investment law and commercial law;
  • Advising number of potential investors a social media company, in relation to potential acquisition and finance.
  • Advising number of investors in Croatian TV media and advertising start-up. Counselling included advising on various aspects of corporate, commercial and investment law advice;
  • Advising shareholders of a Croatian GIS services provider, in respect of takeover and investment.