We realise that we work in a highly competitive service industry which is constantly evolving. In recent years,  it is more obvious than ever before. Especially in this part of the world. Globalization of business, artificial intelligence, cost cutting trends, EU accession process, alternative legal service providers etc. are just some of the facts that shape our industry today and will reshape it even more in the coming years. To stay on the top we realised that we need to attract and retain the best possible talents with the best possible education. Our goal is to have multidisciplinary creative lawyers able to quickly respond and find solutions. Because this is what our clients want us to do ultimately. Find the best possible solution.

Regardless whether you are an associate, experienced lawyer or a partner in another law firm, willing to accelerate in your career and become a part of a broader team of the leading legal advisers in Croatia or you are newly qualified looking to to get your first job,  we may just be the perfect place for you.

What we offer?

  • Highly competitive but flexible business environment
  • Work in a multidisciplinary teams equipped with top lawyers
  • Access to international contacts and education
  • Clearly visible career path
  • Perfect balance between a professional and a private life
  • Opportunity to become a partner in the firm and share our ups and downs

What we expect from you?

  • Responsiveness and dedication to provide an exceptional legal advice
  • Creativity and readiness to explore all business options
  • To respect your clients and your colleagues
  • Team play and fair play on all levels

How to get in touch?

Please e-mail Silvije Cipcic-Bragadin by using a direct e-mail  silvije(at)

We will be in touch to discuss a potential collaboration.

Why we should be your first choice?

We want you in our team. We want you to feel like our firm is also your firm. It may be yours and it should be yours. We offer you an opportunity to become a partner in the firm.

We want you to know where you could potentially be in 2, 5, 10 or 15 years. You should be able to plan your career path and accordingly, your personal life. We provide a clear career path.

You should be involved to be able to participate in firms growth, culture, vision, success and future. Your input makes a difference and we want to explore it. We believe you should be able to express your opinion and critics at all times. We listen and want to learn from your ideas.

Besides the above, we offer:

  • International experience and an approach to delivering results
  • Highly competitive professional working environment
  • Nice balance between a private and professional life
  • Competitive employment packages with benefits
  • Opportunity to participate in our ISS (International Secondment Scheme) and to live and learn in some of the most vibrant business hubs in the World
  • Opportunity to learn from some of the leading lawyers in their fields
  • Culture of tolerance

What we search for?

We aim to teach and develop true legal professionals who are able to serve clients with passion and integrity.

We particularly value and search for:

  • A graduate students
  • Multi-language proficiency
  • International experience, regardless of being private or professional
  • Motivation to learn to become leaders in fields of interest
  • Willingness to explore your potential and motivation
  • Team play and fair play
  • Personal integrity

Willingness to “baldly go where no one has gone before”

Hiring process

We are currently compiling a list of candidates for what we currently envisage to be a 2017 hiring cycle. However, it may just be the case that we will need your help tomorrow or in a week.

Once we receive your application we will review it and maybe organize a face to face meeting.  All candidates will be listed and if necessary called once the employment opportunity arises.

How to get in touch?

Please e-mail our human resource team by using the following email: hr(at)

Please do not forget to attach your CV with your picture, full contact details, motivation letter and references.  

We constantly run our undergraduate programs in which we offer students to experience a backstage of their future profession. Come and get an insight in what you could be doing in a few years, if you choose to be a lawyer.

Please contact our human resource team via the following e-mail: hr(at) and show us your interest.

Welcome aboard.

Business development manager +5Y

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