International approach

Entering a new market can be pretty challenging and having the right legal advisers, who could help solving various issues down that road, can be of a paramount value.

It can make a difference between a failure and success. We work closely with some of the greatest law firms in the world and we are dedicated to serve our clients wherever their business takes them. Sometimes we cannot advise our clients directly because of a foreign law issue and/or regulatory requirements but we can connect our clients with some of the leading legal advisers around the world and make sure that our clients have been taken care of. We can guarantee the quality of that international advise because we’ve know our partners well and have spent a lot of time on relationship building with those firms and work with them on daily basis.

Thanks to our long term relationships with the leading law firms in various jurisdictions, we can now also provide a joint legal advice in almost any jurisdiction around the world.

We are also a member of Nextlaw Global Referral Network which is active in more then 140 jurisdictions around the World.