Private clients

We’ve been advising private clients on all aspects of civil law for decades. We have been consulting generations after generations of families in numerous civil law matters. In fact, civil law was one of our first specialization on which we’ve built what we currently are- one of the leading legal advisers in Croatia.

Today we counsel private clients on various matters such as on:

  • Everyday life changing events
  • Employment matters
  • Real estate related matters
  • Matrimonial matters
  • Inheritance procedures and matters
  • Personal tax matters
  • Pensions
  • Start-ups and business development matters
  • Consumer law matters
  • Various contract matters
  • Various financial institutions related matters
  • Claims for damages
  • Immigration and relocation
  • etc.

We believe that people make a foundation of our business, that’s why we strive to advise on a broad range of legal matters hoping to make a positive change to an everyday life of a person.