Čipčić-Bragadin completes three-way merger

Čipčić-Bragadin completes three-way merger

Čipčić‑Bragadin legal practice has merged with independent legal practices of Ms Marina Mesić and Mr Ivan Juričić

Following a trilateral merger, Čipčić‑Bragadin welcomes Ms Marina Mesić as a new name partner while Mr Ivan Juričić joins as a senior partner in the firm.

The new operation will be branded as Čipčić‑Bragadin Mesić and Associates Ltd. (abbreviated Čipčić‑Bragadin & Associates).

Zagreb, May 2018

We are pleased to announce that Čipčić‑Bragadin, one of the leading Croatian family-run legal practices that has been serving clients since 1928, has undergone a strategic trilateral merger with independent legal practices of Ms Marina Mesić and Mr Ivan Juričić. The new operation will be branded as Čipčić‑Bragadin Mesić & Associates Ltd. (abbreviated Čipčić‑Bragadin & Associates).

Ms Mesić, who was a well-regarded independent lawyer, will divide her work between real estate and commercial practices, while Mr Juričić, who has more than 40 years of experience in disputes, will add additional strength to our litigation practice.

Silvije Čipčić‑Bragadin, the director of Čipčić‑Bragadin Mesić and Associates commented: “Strengthening and consolidating our teams is an important step in enhancing our offer, aligned with the strategy to focus on industry sectors where the market unanimously recognises us as leaders in these fields. To be able to do that, we needed to grow our team and the quickest and the most effective way to achieve that was by doing a strategic merger with other legal practices. We couldn’t do that from the in-house, we needed to open a partnership. Historically, in the market where we operate, that was an uncommon thing to do but that is exactly what we’ve done heremerging three legal practices into one firm. I would like to personally thank Marina and Ivan for coming on board and I believe that this will be another successful story for all of us involved. There is plenty more room to grow and we have always been open for new ventures. We are currently in the process of several other discussions in relation to strategic mergers and hope to add new partners in the months to come. Having knowledgeable and experienced people is what our clients want from us and by enlarging our team with such professionals and market leaders like Marina and Ivan, we are able to provide personalised, professional, quick and effective support to our clients, who will know how to reward that level of service.”

Marina Mesić commented: “We were approached almost 2 years ago with a proposal to do a strategic merger with the ČipčićBragadin practice. At that time, that all seemed a little too complicated to be pulled off, especially since all our practices had a different client base, different ways of doing things etc. However, over time, we recognised all the benefits of a merger and started close negotiations, during which we were all able to align our interests, overcome differences and make this merger possible. We’ve developed a system through which all parties’ interests should be satisfied simultaneously, making the platform suitable for new mergers and lateral hires. It is great to see things are moving forward and we all feel very positive about our business and future prospects.”

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