Cipcic-Bragadin Mesic & Associates Joins CroAI Association

Cipcic-Bragadin Mesic & Associates Joins CroAI Association

We are glad to announce that we have joined today CroAI, a Croatian AI association of leading firms active in AI sector in Croatia.  AI will be one of the main driving forces of change for the next 20 years. Mission of CroAI is to ensure that Croatia gives a significant contribution to the shaping of the world into a better place. More about CroAI can be found on the following link:

AI presents a significant business distributor across various sectors and it is reshaping many industries and the way corporations work.  As one of the leading law firms w in TMT sector, Cipcic-Bragadin Mesic & Associates work advise leading technology companies and public entities in various fields of the sector and we hope to be a valuable member of CroAI.

Silvije Cipcic-Bragadin, a director in Cipcic-Bragadin Mesic & Associates commented:

” We have been following AI arena for more than 3 years and have a significant industry knowledge of the projects, technology and processes. AI is a trigger for many changes within organisation and is making an impact on many levels. Naturally, AI has also a disruptive nature within a legal profession and that’s why we’ve recently decided to try develop a tailor made legal assistant based on AI in document automation field, as a first instance.  There could be many applications of AI within a legal sector and by embracing the technology early we believe we can stay ahead of our competitors.  First talks with developers and some potential investors are on the way and hope they will progress into more a serious phase.

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