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Let us help you in the time of crisis


Čipčić-Bragadin Mesić & Associates announces the launch of Legal Pro Bono Scheme: COVID-1 + ZAGREB EARTHQUAKE

 We are pleased to announce that Čipčić-Bragadin Mesić & Associates one of the leading Croatian law firms decided to launch a Pro Bono Scheme: COVID 19 + ZAGREB EARTHQUAKE to help those affected by COVID-19 and/or Zagreb Earthquake events.

Scheme is set to launch on 1st April 2020.

Silvije Čipčić-Bragadin, a director in Čipčić-Bragadin Mesić: “At this time of crises we all have a need to help those who suffer. COVID-19 and most recently the Zagreb Earthquake disrupted many Croatian businesses and life of individuals. The crisis can be deep and long. We, as lawyers, whose main mission is to serve and help the others, now more than ever should be engaged in helping those who need our support. We’ve decided to dedicate our time to the ones who need our support and volunteer to help. I call upon all my fellow lawyers in Croatia to do the same and join us in this project of helping others.

For more details about the scheme please read Pro Bono Scheme propositions.

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