We are probably the only legal advisers in Croatia that actively engages in lobbying activities as a profession. We represent our client’s interest and connect them with various decision makers in order to create a positive solution according to their needs.

We do not just apply the law, but also help to shape it. We are actively involved in a law making process, from the public consultations to law proposals, expressing our clients’ business needs and new law impact. We make sure our clients’ needs are heard and taken into account during a legislative process.

We also fully support our clients in their business projects, consulting them not just in legal matters from idea to a project implementation. By working closely with the leading project managers and business consultants we can help creating successful business teams that deliver results.

We know the business, political and legal environment and guide our clients through them in the most convenient and cost-effective way. By being members of various business associations, chambers and other organisations, we are in constant touch with the business leaders and policy makers.