International approach

Entering a new market can be pretty challenging and having the right legal advisers, who could help solving various issues down that road, can be of a paramount value. It can make a difference between a failure and success.

We work closely with some of the greatest foreign law firms in the world and we are dedicated to serve our clients wherever they want to go and wherever their business takes them. Sometimes we cannot advise our clients directly because of a foreign law issue and/or regulatory requirements but we can connect our clients with some of the leading legal advisers around the world and make sure that our clients have been taken care of. We can guarantee the quality of that international advise because we’ve spend a lot of time on due diligence and relationship building with those firms and work with them on almost daily basis.

Thanks to our long term relationships with the leading law firms in various jurisdictions, we can now also provide a joint legal advice in almost any jurisdiction around the world.

Please find below several case studies that show how we can be of an avail.

International case studies

Access to capital markets - AIM - London Stock Exchange

Croatian retail client was exploring an opportunity to obtain an additional finance and potentially list the shares on AIM market on the London Stock Exchange. We’ve had several meetings with the client to determine client’s needs, scope of service and tailor the approach. After reviewing our database of contacts, we decided to connect our client with one of our partner firm we’ve worked before with, which also happens to be a leading law firm in the UK with an experience in advising AIM listed companies on a daily basis.

Client received a cost effective, tailored advice and was able to realistically assess their options.

About AIM:

AIM is the world’s most successful growth market and the international companies quoted on it benefit from being at the heart of the global finance community by having their securities quoted and traded in London. International companies come to AIM to benefit from capital-raising opportunities and raise their profile. Smaller companies from around the world and at different stages of development are able to join AIM. As an Exchange-regulated market, AIM provides a wide range of international businesses the ability to access capital, liquidity and profile of London’s capital markets.

Currently there are over 500AIM companies with the majority of their operations outside the UK in over 100 countries. This strong international representation reflects the fact that AIM is an ideal public market for growing and entrepreneurial international businesses seeking to expand and raise their global profile.

International companies joining AIM gain a wide range of benefits, including:

  • Access to the world’s largest and deepest pool of capital for investment to support companies at admission and further fundraisings
  • A quotation on one of the most liquid capital markets for trading in the shares of small and growing international companies
  • Support from experienced advisers who understand the needs of ambitious international companies
  • A higher profile among London’s unrivalled community of investment analysts specialising in sectors and regions worldwide
  • Promotion of the company’s image and brand on an international scale
  • A flexible and responsive system of regulation especially geared to the needs of smaller, growing businesses

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Multi-jurisdiction distribution contracts

Following a success on an international fair, one of our clients was looking to expand the business by entering into several distribution contracts for several jurisdictions. Client was looking to create a contract template that would serve the purpose for all envisaged jurisdictions and be in a compliance with a local regulatory environment. Client was also looking to receive an appropriate competition law advice.

Through our database of partners we have identified 2 law firms that could provide necessary local regulatory advice in all 8 envisaged jurisdictions. We’ve contacted them on client’s behalf, agreed a fee schedule according to our client’s instructions and jointly provide a client with a necessary documentation and advice.

Client was happy to receive a comprehensive advice from a single point of contact and was able to start trading in new markets without an unnecessary loss of time.